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Buying a House, Moving Home or Purchasing a Property - Calculate and Compare Conveyancing Fees & Costs Now!

If you are looking at buying a new home, moving home or buying a property in the UK, you will probably need the services of a property solicitor or licensed conveyancer. The property legal experts, will help guide you through the buying process and make sure that you receive good quality conveyancing at an affordable price. Simply enter a few details into our quote engine above and you can instantly compare conveyancing quotes for buying a property.

Calculate Solicitors Fees for Buying a House or Flat - An instant online quote direct from Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers, so that you can budget when buying your property

Calculate your solicitors fees for buying a house, flat or apartment in the UK. We offer instant online quotes from expert legal property professionals, with a full breakdown of pricing including disbursements, VAT and searches. Our quotes are Fixed Fee Conveyancing Quotes and are ALL INCLUSIVE.

Find a Solicitor local to YOU when Buying a House or Moving to a New Home

Using Conveyancing Fees Calculator, we can help you find a solicitor local to you when looking at buying a house. With over 80 solicitors nationwide, we compare conveyancing quotes instantly, allowing you to save time and money when looking for a property solicitor. We provide FREE instant online conveyancing quotations, direct from conveyancers and solicitors across the UK, allowing you to gain an idea of your conveyancing costs and budget for your property purchase.

When you are buying a house, it is important to consider all of the possible costs and charges that you could be paying during the purchasing process. This prior planning ensures that you are not going to be stung.

There are plenty of guides online outlining what to expect and how to ensure you are properly prepared. It is not just conveyancing charges that you must be aware of, but also the costs associated with moving, insurance and tax. Don’t leave yourself in a precarious financial position and make sure you are getting the best rate possible for your legal help using our comparison calculator. Make sure you aren’t paying over the odds!

Do I need to use a local Solicitor for Buying a Property?

In short the answer is NO. Most conveyancing transactions, are now handled from a distance online, on the phone and via email. You can save yourself hundreds of pounds by comparing conveyancing quotes online. Some people that have used our service, have reported savings of nearly £600 compared to the quotes they have been given by the mortgage broker or local estate agent. Why pay more for your conveyancing when buying a property? You don't have to and the quality and service you will receive from our nationwide SRA regulated and CLC conveyancers, is some of the best conveyancing in the country!

Comparing the Legal Fees and Conveyancing Quotes that you have received. What should you be looking for when choosing which Solicitor or Conveyancer to use when Buying a Property?

It's very hard to compare the legal fees for buying a property, if you are not entirely sure what you should be looking for. Your quote should have these basic elements to it:

  • Purchase Legal Fees / Legal Fee - This is the Solciitor or Conveyancer's base legal feee for acting on your behalf when buying your property.
  • Telegraphic Transfer Fee / Bank Transfer Fee - This is a fee charged by the lender to cover the cost of sending the money used to purchase the property, over to the seller’s conveyancer or solicitor
  • Bankruptcy Search - Your lender will need to know that you, or anybody named on the mortgage, has not been declared bankrupt. Your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will check all names that will be on the mortgage.
  • ID Check / AML Check - This is a check carried out on all of the people involved in the purchase to confirm their indentity. It also part of the Anti Money Laundering regulations now in place with most lenders and the UK Government.
  • Land Registry Fees - When you buy a property, take out a new mortgage or transfer a share in a property the transaction must be registered and recorded with the Land Registry. The Land Registry is the organisation which keeps a register of who owns land and property in England and Wales. They impose a fee for registering the transfer and the charge depends upon the purchase price of the property.
  • Property Searches / Conveyancing Search Pack - When you buy a property, various land, environment, water and drainage searches are carried out on the property to establish that there is nothing defective surrounding the property or any issues that would affect the property.

How much are Solicitors Fees for Buying a Property?

These are the average solicitors fees for buying a property calculated directly from our own network of solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Please remember these are only the average fees. If you want an exact fixed fee conveyancing quote for buying a property, you should use our conveyancing calculator to receive and instant online quote direct from our national network of regulated property lawyers and licensed conveyancers.

Purchase Price (£) Legal Fee Disbursements, Land Registry & Other Fees VAT Total (£) Stamp Duty (SDLT)
£100,000 450.00 260.00 130.00 £840.00 0.00
£150,000 480.00 280.00 135.00 £895.00 500.00
£200,000 520.00 300.00 145.00 £965.00 1,500.00
£250,000 530.00 340.00 150.00 £1,020.00 2,500.00
£300,000 550.00 350.00 155.00 £1,055.00 5,000.00
£350,000 585.00 365.00 160.00 £1,100.00 7,500.00
£400,000 615.00 375.00 170.00 £1,160.00 10,000.00
£500,000 620.00 380.00 170.00 £1,170.00 15,000.00
£600,000 660.00 500.00 180.00 £1,340.00 20,000.00
£750,000 750.00 500.00 185.00 £1,435.00 27,500.00
£900,000 780.00 500.00 190.00 £1,470.00 35,000.00
£1,000,000 800.00 520.00 200.00 £1,520.00 43,750.00

Solicitors Fees for Buying a House Calculator - Compare, Save & Instruct Online

When buying a house in the UK, it's important to try and understand the costs involved in your purchase upfront, so that you can budget for your move. The average cost of moving home in 2017 is almost £9,684.00. With that is mind, it's important to understand how those costs and understand what's involved in the moving process when buying your new property. Our system allows you to compare solicitors fees for buying a house, quickly and easily. Simply enter a few details and within 3 easy steps, you can compare quotations directly from firms of expert property lawyers.

Some what do we typically get asked when looking for a Solicitor or Conveyancer to handle a Property Purchase?

A few of our frequently asked conveyancing questions are listed below ...

  • How much are conveyancing solicitors fees for buying a house?
  • How much are solicitors fees for buying a house?
  • What are the legal fees when buying a property or a house?
  • What are the average fees that a solicitor will charge when buying a property?
  • I am buying a house, how much should I expect to pay for a conveyancing solicitor?
  • How much does conveyancing cost to buy a house?
  • How much does conveyancing cost for a house purchase?
  • How much are solicitors fees for buying a house in England?
  • What are house purchase conveyancing costs?
  • Where can I compare solicitors fees for buying a house?

Solicitors Fees for Buying a House - Use our Online Conveyancing Calculator

When you are looking to instruct a conveyancer or solicitor when buying a house, you can be rest assured that using our conveyancing fees calculator, you can compare online prices and quotes directly from UK regulated conveyancers. You can get a detailed, fixed fee conveyancing quote using the folloiwng steps:

  1. Enter the price you are buying your house for, along with the number of people purchasing the house. If you have the postcode available, then provide the postcode, so that we can find and match the best conveyancing solicitor for your house purchase.
  2. Enter any additional information about your house buy such as shared ownership, leasehold, new build, any particular mortgage lender you are looking to use, so that our system can find the best priced conveyancing deals for you.
  3. Compare the quotes. If you are interested in a particular solicitor, simply pick up the phone or instruct your chosen firm online. Simply, quick and easy to use!


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