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We have tried to keep our conveyancing fees calculator quick and easy to use. Within 3 steps, we will retrieve instant conveyancing quotes for you to compare, directly from regulated SRA solicitors and CLC licensed conveyancers that can help manage your move. All or our quotations are fully detailed with a complete breakdown of all of the costs and fees involved when buying, selling or remortgaging your property.

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Our team at Conveyancing Calculator are always looking for new solicitors and licensed conveyancers to work with. We have negotiated some excellent conveyancing fees directly with some of the top conveyancing firms in the country! Let us do the hard work and pass the costs savings on to you. Our conveyancing quote comparison system, allows you to compare the market for conveyancing quotes all in one convenient location. No more phoning around, gathering quotes, compiling the results and then trying to compare quotes all laid out in a different format with different fees and different totals. Avoid the hidden costs of conveyancing .... ALL of our quotes are clear, transparent and completely detailed and broken down so that you can work to a fixed cost and achieve a fixed fee for your residential conveyancing.

Conveyancing Quotes Comparison Service - What to look out for when Comparing Quotes?

When comparing conveyancing quotes, you must look out for hidden charges and fees that are often not explained or detailed to you in the initial quotation. Quite often many online conveyancing comparison websites and conveyancing firms will provide a basic "legal fee". This fee is usually a firms very base legal fee for carrying out your conveyancing transaction and does not details any additional conveyancing disbursements, VAT, stamp duty calculations and more. Here as some very basic things that should be included in a fixed fee conveyancing quotation, so that you can compare like for like convyancing quotes:

  • Legal Fees - These are the professional / legal fees charged by your conveyancer for undertaking your sale, purchase or remortgage or your property.
  • VAT - If your solicitor or licensed conveyancer is VAT registered, then VAT should be displayed on their quotation.
  • Disbursements - Dependent on whether you are selling, buying or remortgaging a property, disbursements can differ. However, you should still be provided with a full estimated breakdown of each of the disbursements. Disbursements often include things such as ID Checks, Bankruptcy Searches, Anti Money Laundering (AML) Checks and Land Registry Fees.
  • Searches - When purchasing a property and sometimes when remortgaging a property, quite often your chosen conveyancer will perform searches on the surrounding area of the property. These searches often include environmental searches, local authority searches, planning application searches, flood and water reports and many other things. A search pack can range from £140 - £350 dependent on it's contents. Be sure to check what's included within your "Conveyancing Search Pack".
  • Stamp Duty - When buying a property in England & Wales, your purchase may be subject to a taxation known as "Stamp Duty Land Tax" or "SDLT" for short. This is a UK Government tax imposed on property purchases. You can calculate stamp duty online using a stamp duty calculator. Quite often the rate of stamp duty to be paid, will be determined on the value and location of the property you are looking to purchase.

Conveyancing Quotes Compared - Simple, Clear & Transparent Conveyancing Fees

Conveyancing quotes don't have to be confusing, but unfortunately within the conveyancing and property industry things are made to look confusing and complex to mask what's really going on behind the scenes. Our nationwide panel of solicitors are some of the best property lawyers in the country, however once third parties are involved in "helping your find a conveyancer" additional fees are often added into conveyancing quotations that you might look to compare. We have seen examples of people being quoted nearly double the fees that we have quoted to some people, purely because they are paying an enormous fee to their estate agent or IFA for referring the business in the first place!

Our fees are all inclusive conveyancing quotes with no additional charges or hidden fees mixed in to the equation. Conveyancing quotes compared, online and with no little gotchas or nasty suprises further down the line. Simple, Clear & Transparent Conveyancing Quotes Compared.

High Street Conveyancing Laywers at Online Conveyancing Prices - Low Cost Conveyancing Quotes Comparison

Most people think that if we offers cheap conveyancing quotes, low cost conveyancing quotes, we must be working with conveyancing warehouse firms or giant call centre firms. In fact it's completely the opposite. You will be surprised to know that we work with some of the best high street SRA regulated property solciitors in the country. From very small one person practices to law firms with multiple offices spread across various cities in the UK including London, Lincoln, Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Gloucester, Liverpool and Leeds.

We have negotiated hugely discounted conveyancing fees with many law firms, in return for residential conveyancing clients and online marketing expsure through our website to our customers. With all of the cost savings, we can then pass these discounts to our customers making sure you receive a fair price, from an excellent property lawyer to work with YOU.

How to Compare Conveyancing Quotes from Solicitors and Conveyancers - Read Online Reviews, Look at Costs & Fees & Quality of Service

To compare conveyancing quotes and to choose your best value solicitor that is suited to you, you must compare the overall fixed fee conveyancing price and the quality of legal service that your chosen firm will provide to you. You need the selling, buying or remortgaging legal process managed by an efficient and professional property lawyer that can help you get to exchange of contracts, but without compromising on quality and their overall customer service.

Be sure to do your research when comparing conveyancing firms and the quotes they have provided. Look for solicitor reviews on websites such as TrustPilot, Facebook, Google or ReviewSolicitors and get a feel for the service and reputation of a particular conveyancing firm.


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