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Whether you are selling or buying a piece of property, you will have to undergo conveyancing one way or the other. If you are unaware of what it means, conveyancing means the legal transfer of a property from one person to another. Note that this is a simplified sentence of what happens behind conveyancing, which can get phenomenally confusing.

If you are not up for all the legal and administrative work to ensure a successful conveyance, then it is highly recommended that you invest in a conveyancer. In fact, some countries (such as the UK) make it mandatory! As the name implies, a licensed conveyancer (or alternatively, solicitor or property lawyer) will be responsible for the conveyancing process to ensure the process of purchasing or buying a home happens legally and legitimately. In other words, all the tasks to be done for a successful conveyancing process is not your burden to bear. Instead, it will be the conveyance's job.

That being said, if you are curious to know what role a conveyancer plays when buying or selling property, you are in the right place. This article will guide you to exactly that!

A conveyancer's role in buying property

If you are a buyer, the conveyancer will act on your behalf. One of the first things they will do is give you advice regarding the sales' terms and conditions. They will help you fully understand what is in it for you, ensuring that there are no surprises that will possibly ruin the purchase. This means that the conveyancer will first read through the contract, highlighting anything they may believe vital that you should know to make the whole deal much clearer. With their legal knowledge, they will help you navigate through this aspect of the purchase, keeping you safe from murky legal waters.

Other than advising you on your deal, a conveyancer can help in arranging your finances. This is especially true if you are having trouble working with the bank to finance your new purchase. They will work with the bank, ensuring that they receive all the necessary documents needed before they offer you a mortgage.

Other than ensuring you fully understand your contract and ensure you have all the necessary documents to go through with the deal and land a mortgage, they will also consider the possible adjustments that can be made. For instance, if you run the risk of paying for water rates even before buying the home, the conveyancer can ensure this problem will not happen. They will also help determine the fees you will need to pay, considering all the statutory costs you will need to cover. This will ensure that you know the final amount you will need to pay when buying the property to ensure you do not run into surprise costs, let alone legal issues.

A conveyancer's role in selling property

When selling any property, you will need to develop a contract of sale, highlighting all the requirements and conditions in it to ensure a smooth and successful sale of a property. A conveyancer will help you do that, ensuring that the contract is well made to keep you safe from any legal trouble. To add to this, the conveyancer will also help you prepare the vendor's statement, which includes all the disclosure obligations required by your state's laws.

Besides helping you prepare the two most important documents you need as a seller, a conveyancer is responsible for a few other tasks. For one, they will consider all the conditions you may have regarding the sale and advise you on it. For instance, if you are planning to sell and buy a home simultaneously, the conveyancer can help arrange the timeline to ensure everything goes according to plan.

When it comes to completing the settlement, a conveyancer still offers you pieces of advice, specifically about the legal documents you need to complete it successfully. Documents such as arrangements about the mortgage to be transferred can be done to ensure you are fully ready for the sale of the property. Put simply, by the time the date of the settlement arrives, you will have all the documents at the ready to keep you safe from any trouble.

Why do you need a conveyancer?

In summary, a conveyancer's job can fall in collecting the necessary documents you need for a successful sale, along with giving you legal advice on what you can do to satisfy your obligations as a seller or a buyer. Regardless of what they will do, they will always be of great benefit to your end. That is because the process of selling or buying a home is a long and arduous one.

Even if you are the most prepared buyer or seller around, it can still be a hassle to get things done according to plan. As such, we highly recommend that you hire a conveyancer to help you out. They have extensive knowledge in various departments, ensuring you collect all the right documents and stay within the laws to keep away from trouble. In other words, they will streamline the entire process of selling or buying a home, making your life all the easier.


Understand that a conveyancer can offer services for more than what we have outlined in this article. In many cases, they will adapt to your needs, so whatever it is you have in mind for the purchase or sale of the home, they can take it into consideration and ensure that your plans are a success.

If you are looking for a conveyancer to work with, do take the time to look at the options available for you. Not all conveyancers are made equal, and some will have varying fees from others. As such, it is vital that you put some effort into choosing the right conveyancer to ensure that your plans for the property are done and dusted without breaking the bank unnecessarily.

If you are working with an agent, then feel free to work with one that has good connections with other conveyancers and other solicitors. They will call the perfect conveyancer or solicitor for the job, ensuring the sale or purchase of the property can happen smoothly, saving you a lot of time and money.

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