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If you’re planning to invest in real estate property, whether it’s a residential or commercial establishment, it’s a good idea to work with a professional to be in charge of your buy-to-let conveyancing. They can provide their assistance regarding the legal matters of the purchase.

Buy-to-let conveyancing is a legal procedure that involves acquiring ownership of a property you plan to invest in and treat it as a rental place. After a seller accepts your offer on their home or building, the conveyancing will begin until the day you get the keys and call it yours.

To ensure your efforts, time, and money don’t go to waste, you should find a conveyancing solicitor to assist you with the buy-to-let method. It’s all the more necessary to seek help from a professional if you’re applying for a home loan. Keep reading below to learn more about buy-to-let conveyancing to prepare you for the lengthy procedure of owning a rental property.

The Process of Buy-to-Let Conveyancing

Buy-to-let conveyancing involves a pretty straightforward process that requires your patience and dedication to owning the property you want tenants to rent out someday. The first thing you need to do is make an offer with the seller and wait for them to accept it before you reach out to a cheap conveyancing solicitor. Your conveyancer will then contact the seller’s conveyancer to acquire the legal documents.

On your behalf, your conveyancer will review the contracts and agreements to ensure everything is in place and let you know if there are any concerns you could raise with the owner. They will go through the policies and double-check if there are limitations you may have overlooked regarding letting out the property.

A conveyancer will also notify you of your future financial obligations, such as the taxes you must address and other laws regarding the environment and building codes. If you have questions under your sleeve, you should relay them to your conveyancer to acquire answers while it’s still early.

Since you will most likely require a mortgage, your solicitor will ensure you have the right loan to help pay for the rental property accordingly. Make sure you’re applying for a buy-to-let home loan and not a residential loan.

The next thing to do is wait for your conveyancer to draft a contract which you must read and sign, along with managing other necessary documents as part of the buy-to-let process. It includes the deed of trust, tenancy in common agreement, and more.

Both parties must settle on a deadline and trade contracts to solidify the deal and commit to the rental property purchase. Afterwards, your conveyancer creates a transfer deed document, forwards it to the seller’s conveyancer, and waits for them to accomplish it.

The other party will create a completion statement and perform other necessary practices as part of the buy-to-let procedure that involves other pre-completion searches. If you depend on a mortgage, your conveyancer will most likely contact your money lender to provide the cash in advance to secure the property as yours.

On the expected day of completion, or when the seller moves out of the property, your conveyancer will forward the money to the seller’s conveyancer. Your solicitor or conveyancer will also have to deliver any stamp duty required by the HMRC.

When everything is completed, your conveyancer works to register the property under your name through the Land Registry. You can now begin the tedious process of looking for tenants to move into your units and start your rental business.

The Fees Involved in Buy-to-Let Conveyancing

The amount you must provide for buy-to-let conveyancing will be based on numerous things. Factors include where the property is situated and whether it’s near a place that will need additional work, like near a body of water or coal mine.

In typical situations, you must address legal fees that range from £850 to £1,500. However, if you’re aiming for a leasehold property, you can expect more expensive costs. You will also have to answer to more fees for taxes, searches, and admin expenses. If you want to guarantee you won’t miss out on any necessary fees, getting a solicitor or conveyancer is helpful.

Using an Online Conveyancing Calculator

If you wish to avoid complicated transactions, you may want to utilise a conveyancing fees calculator to give you an easier time managing your dues. It helps buyers acquire the quotes they need to help them prepare the necessary money before the deadline.

A conveyancing calculator is easy and simple to use, saving you from spending on unnecessary conveyancing costs down the line once you’re sure about a property you plan to let out. Modern technology has made everything more convenient, helping home investors discover a reliable property solicitor to assist with buying, selling, and refinancing.

Depending on the solicitor or conveyancer you contact, they can provide you fixed fee conveyancing quotes that are guaranteed to give you the help you need to make a decision. When given the chance, you can reach out to a conveyancer online or through the phone for a convenient way of talking about the quotes in more detail.

Thanks to conveyancing fee calculators, people thinking about purchasing buy-to-let properties can acquire reliable quotes without difficulty. They can look forward to receiving accurate and properly categorised information, including an outline of the legal expenses and fees included.

Knowing the additional costs you may have to face when purchasing a rental property gives you an idea about how much money you must prepare and the mortgage you must apply for. Understanding the breakdown of fees also pushes you to hire a conveyancer to assist you throughout the process.

Conveyancing Solutions for a Buy-to-Let Home Loan

Since you are most likely to require a mortgage to help you buy a property, you must be hands-on during the procedure of acquiring the correct loan. As part of the conveyancing process, your solicitor will require a copy of your approved mortgage offer from your money lender.

From there, your conveyancer will carefully go over the terms and conditions and let you know if anything comes up that needs a thorough explanation to ensure you and the lender are on the same page. Moreover, you should expect your lender to request a loan valuation to guarantee the property involved has fair value to answer for the entire loan.

Right before the exchanging of contracts ensues for all parties involved, your lender may ask for proof of buildings insurance as a safety precaution for your sake. When the contracts have been signed and traded, you receive full responsibility for the property involved, so an insurance protects you from unwanted situations.


Knowing the step-by-step process of buy-to-let conveyancing is integral to the success of your endeavour of investing in a property you wish to have rented out instead of living in it one day. Since your focus is acquiring passive income, you want to make sure you do it right by hiring a professional conveyancer. It will also help to use a calculator that provides instant online conveyancing quotes and understand the importance of applying for the right buy-to-let home loan.

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