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People often struggle when it comes to handling the process of selling or buying a property. They have a hard time with the documents and other legal matters that have something to do with the transfer of the property being sold. In such a case, they would hire a conveyancer to do most of the heavy lifting.

This works most of the time, and the seller or the buyer has more time to handle the other important things that have something to do with the property itself. However, one main question remains after the whole transaction has been sealed and finalised: Can I hire the same conveyancer at a different transaction to do the opposite of what they were doing before?

Simply put, can you hire the same conveyancer when buying a property the next time around and vice versa? This question has often stumped home sellers and buyers, much so that they end up spending more money in hiring new solicitors to do the opposite work in their other transactions.

If you happen to be one of them and you would like to get a clear answer regarding this, look no further than this comprehensive guide:

First of All, What Is a Conveyancer?

For people who are just starting to buy or sell a property, conveyancers are agents or solicitors who will handle most of the paperwork and legal matters involved in the process. Think of them as your assistant during the transfer of property between you and the seller or buyer.

Conveyancers are more knowledgeable than most homebuyers and sellers, much so that they are always in demand, especially during the peak seasons of property selling. You can expect to find a couple of them offering their services during such times, so be sure to pick out the best in their field of expertise.

What Exactly Does a Conveyancer Do?

We will never be able to determine whether or not it is a good idea to hire them to do the opposite side of their job if we will not first understand their specific tasks. While most of them vary, depending on the firm or office that they are working for, we will mention some of the most common ones that they tend to offer during their preliminary talks with clients.

  1. They Prepare All of the Necessary Paperwork

This stage of their task works both ways. You can never be too complacent regarding your requirements but be assured that your conveyancer has everything in place.

Whether you are planning to buy or you’re planning to sell off your home, they will be asking you for whatever documents you already have so they may organise and file it with the other prerequisites. You will never have to worry about procrastinating and trying to look for that missing receipt. Chances are, your solicitor already has them in their briefcase.

  1. They Interpret All of the Technicalities in the Contract

Even if it is your first time buying or selling a home, you will never have to worry about the technicalities and conditions of your contract with the other party, as your conveyancer will interpret and explain them all to you in an easy-to-understand language.

If something feels off about the contract, they will be the first to know, and they will also inform you if ever you are getting the short end of the stick. Just be sure to be updated from time to time so that you may inquire about these different contract conditions, just in case they forgot to include something during their preliminary report.

  1. The Process the Property Ownership

We may have already mentioned this before, but just to elaborate, their main goal usually boils down to one main task: transferring the ownership of the property.

Whether you are hiring them to transfer your property towards a buyer or you’re waiting for them to transfer it to your name from the previous owner, you can be sure that they will handle them all and even report back to you once the process has been completed.

Once the Deal Goes the Other Way Around

What if you will go through the same deal, only this time, you are at the other end of the spectrum? The seller has become the buyer, and the buyer is now the seller? Is it still okay to hire the recent conveyancer? The definite answer is yes!

Your recent solicitor already knows the ins and outs of the process. Aside from that, they are also comfortable working with you, as you’ve already hired them before. In such a case, it would make no sense to hire a new one that will require more details from your recent deals. Hire your usual conveyancer, and they will offer the same high-quality service, but in reverse this time around.

Can Both Parties Use the Same Conveyancer?

It depends if both parties are willing to let each other pick their most recent choice. The thing is, there is a particular law regulating this aspect of the process, and in that rule, this will only be possible if you and the other party were to agree even before the conveyancing process has begun.

Feel free to coordinate with them from time to time to ensure that both of you will not have any miscommunication when it comes to having your picks. Things might get awkward and confusing if this vital detail were not to be clarified upfront.

A Possible Conflict of Interest

This may also be possible; that is why you must pick the most trusted conveyancer in the market today so that you and the other party will not experience this during and after the deal has been made.

One such example of this is when they tend to do more for one party over the other. This may also be prevalent once one of you gets a better deal without being informed about it. This is where conflict of interest comes into play, as the personal bias may end up ruining the deal or getting someone a lower value than they have ever expected, whether they’re the buyer or otherwise.

Remember, everyone just wants to go home happy. No one is ever enthusiastic about dealing with a solicitor that only has their gain in mind.


Picking the right conveyancer is the key to having a great deal out of your property, whether you’re the home buyer or the seller. It’s one thing to get an honest service out of them once, but to get that same level of trust and service the next time around while doing the opposite tasks is not only impressive; it also demands respect and higher compensation.

Hire someone very trustworthy and ensure that they are very knowledgeable about all the technicalities. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with hiring the same conveyancer to do a reverse of their former task, just be sure to pick someone who is experienced and at the top of their game.

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