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The conveyancing process is often seen as a complex and time-consuming aspect of buying or selling a property. Delays in documentation, mortgage approvals, and property searches can significantly extend the timeframe of a property transaction, potentially resulting in increased costs and added stress for buyers and sellers alike. To prevent such hold-ups, both parties must adopt a proactive approach and take efficient measures to expedite the conveyancing procedure.

In this comprehensive guide, we explore practical strategies for buyers and sellers that can effectively reduce delays and streamline the conveyancing process. From selecting the right conveyancer to preparing essential documentation, we aim to provide helpful tips and resources for a more efficient and successful property transaction.

Additionally, we showcase the Conveyancing Calculator as an indispensable tool in achieving a time-efficient conveyancing experience, offering users instant, accurate conveyancing quotes from UK-regulated SRA property solicitors and CLC-licensed conveyancers. This platform's speed and convenience can ultimately contribute to a smooth and hassle-free property transaction for both buyers and sellers.

Our guide to accelerating the conveyancing process will empower you with the knowledge and resources to control your property transaction while minimising delays and complications. By leveraging the practical tips offered in this guide and the Conveyancing Calculator, you'll be better equipped to manage your property transaction more effectively, ultimately unlocking the door to a positive and stress-free conveyancing experience.

Selecting the Right Conveyancer: A Crucial Step for Timely Transactions

The first step towards ensuring a swift conveyancing process is to carefully select a conveyancer or solicitor with proven experience and a track record of delivering timely outcomes. Consider these factors when choosing the right professional to assist with your property transaction:

1. Check for accreditations and expertise: Look for conveyancers with professional qualifications and relevant memberships, such as the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditation. Their experience should pertain specifically to property transactions, ensuring competency in handling your specific case.

2. Seek recommendations and reviews: Request references from friends or family who have recently completed a property transaction or consult online forums and review sites to gather honest feedback about a conveyancer's efficiency and responsiveness.

3. Assess communication and responsiveness: Effective communication is vital for a smooth conveyancing process. Before using their services, enquire about their preferred communication methods, response times, and availability to deal with urgent matters.

4. Consider the conveyancer's workload: Be aware that some conveyancers may take on multiple cases simultaneously, which could impact their ability to manage your property transaction efficiently. Choose a professional with sufficient capacity to provide dedicated attention to your case.

By carefully selecting a conveyancer or solicitor, you're setting the groundwork for a proactive, efficient conveyancing experience that minimises potential delays.

Proactive Documentation: Ensuring Preparedness for Buyers and Sellers

A common cause of delays in the conveyancing process is the late submission or receipt of essential documents. To avoid this pitfall, both buyers and sellers should be proactive in preparing and providing necessary documentation:

For Buyers:

1. Mortgage agreement in principle (AIP): Before commencing your property search, secure an AIP from a mortgage lender, indicating the amount they are willing to lend you. This document proves your financial readiness and can facilitate a quicker progression once an offer is accepted.

2. Proof of funds: Be prepared to provide proof of your deposit, such as a bank or savings account statement, demonstrating that you have the necessary funds for the property purchase.

3. Identification and anti-money laundering checks: All conveyancers must perform anti-money laundering checks and verify your identity. Ensure you have up-to-date identification documents, such as a passport or driving licence, along with proof of address documentation.

For Sellers:

1. Property title deeds: Locate and make copies of your property's title deeds, which confirm your legal ownership of the property. If you cannot locate them, your conveyancer may need to obtain official copies from the Land Registry, which could cause delays in the transaction.

2. Property information forms: Sellers must complete property information forms, which provide details on the property, including boundaries, disputes, and alterations made during your ownership. Complete these forms promptly and accurately to avoid delays.

By being proactive with your documentation, you can significantly reduce the risk of delays and streamline the conveyancing process.

Managing Property Searches and Surveys: Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Property searches and surveys are integral aspects of the conveyancing process that can significantly impact timelines. Here are some practical tips to help expedite these processes:

For Buyers:

1. Schedule the property survey promptly: Choose a surveyor who can conduct the necessary survey soon after your offer is accepted. Delaying this step could result in cascading delays throughout the transaction.

2. Communicate with your conveyancer about search results: If any issues are flagged during property searches, discuss their implications with your conveyancer and determine any further actions. Swift communication ensures that necessary follow-ups are addressed on time.

For Sellers:

1. Resolve outstanding property issues: To reduce the likelihood of issues arising during property searches, resolve any outstanding issues such as maintenance, planning permission, or building regulation breaches well in advance.

2. Be transparent with buyers: Openly communicate any known property issues with potential buyers to minimise delays and disputes during the conveyancing process.

Buyers and sellers can contribute to a more efficient conveyancing process by effectively managing property searches and surveys.

Maintaining Effective Communication: Key to a Seamless Conveyancing Experience

Effective communication is integral to the conveyancing process, and both buyers and sellers should maintain open lines of communication with their conveyancers, estate agents, and each other throughout the transaction. Consider these tips to enhance communication and reduce delays:

1. Set expectations with regular updates: Establish a mutual understanding with all parties involved, agreeing on regular updates at key milestones or specific intervals. This can help pre-empt any potential issues and ensure everyone remains informed.

2. Address concerns promptly: If you encounter any issues or questions, immediately bring them to the attention of your conveyancer or estate agent. Swift resolution of concerns can prevent delays in the conveyancing process.

3. Utilise communication technology: Use email, messaging apps, or project management tools to facilitate timely communication and easy access to documents and updates.

Maintaining effective communication throughout the conveyancing process mitigates the risk of delays and ensures a smooth and timely property transaction.


By taking a proactive approach as a buyer or seller, you can significantly speed up the conveyancing process and achieve a successful property transaction. Utilising the practical tips outlined in this guide, combined with the efficiency and convenience of the Conveyancing Calculator for accurate conveyancing quotes, you'll be well-equipped to handle your property transaction confidently.

With a focus on careful selection of conveyancers, proactive documentation, efficient management of property searches and surveys, and effective communication, you can navigate the property conveyancing process with greater ease and enjoy a stress-free, streamlined experience for your property transaction.


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