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Selling and transferring a property from one owner to another can be a great opportunity for both sides involved. One would be able to get compensation for the commodity they’ve been selling all along, while another receives a place that they call their own. Conveyancing can be lengthy, but it can be fruitful when the legal transaction goes well.

However, things can get awry at times and affect the property sale and transfer. Although there may be minimal issues, it’s the reason why conveyancing solicitors are recommended throughout each step of the process. A capable conveyancer would understand and resolve the situation so that you can still push through with the transaction.

Still, it’s best to be prepared and keep your eyes on the prize even when things go amiss. Here’s what might go wrong during a conveyancing transaction:

1) A Buyer Outbuys Another

A property transaction can get messy when you already have a buyer, and someone new comes along with a higher offer. Gazumping can be frustrating for the former buyer that you’re transacting with, but know that the sale isn’t legally binding till contracts are exchanged.

Allow a conveyancing solicitor to come along and mediate the situation. Your former buyer can try and match the new offer to outbuy the new one, which can be beneficial for you. You can also opt to compromise the price and just raise it a little bit with the former buyer.

2) A Buyer Pulls Out of Chain

A chain property transaction can be risky and stressful compared to a non-chain transaction, but it can also provide perks when things go smoothly. As long as all the sellers and buyers involved continue the transaction, it’s fine. However, things can get out of hand when one pulls out.

Sellers would rarely pull out as the chain benefits them the most, but a buyer may leave the chain and cause the property transaction to collapse. It’s best to talk about these second thoughts and negotiate to find a replacement buyer or bridge the loan until the property’s sold.

3) A Property Problem Gets Exposed

There are a number of property searches and valuations that have to go down in between the conveyancing process just to ensure that everything is done right. However, when a problem on the property is uncovered, it can lead to a lower price and plenty of questions on your part.

Your conveyancer should assist you with whatever risk arises regarding the property while conveying the information to the buyer. They can make a choice between walking away from the transaction or bargaining the price based on the transparency provided.

4) A Shock over Your Bill

As a conveyancing transaction comes to a close soon, you may be sent the final bill for the conveyancing services. It can be quite jarring to see all the costs that you would have to shoulder, and there may not even be a proper breakdown over why the price is set as such.

It’s important to ask your questions and have each cost explained to get a clearer picture of what you’re paying for. Even before then, try to research and compare quotes before hiring a conveyancing solicitor for your needs. There are affordable ones out on the market as well.

5) A Conveyancer Stays Quiet About Delays

Conveyancing transactions don’t happen within a day, but there is a certain timeline that both the seller and buyer have to abide by. However, there may be certain delays that will lengthen the amount of time it takes to close a property sale and transfer.

A conveyancer’s purpose is to prevent and stop delays every step of the way. If they ever stay quiet about what’s occurring due to the transaction, confront them and find out. Addressing the delay will make it much easier to figure out the reason and think of a possible solution to it.

6) A Solicitor Becomes Negligent

Conveyancing solicitors should be able to acknowledge and fix any problems that will come from the property sale and transfer. However, it can be quite the issue when the conveyancing solicitor is the immediate problem that you have to deal with in order to close out a deal.

Steer clear of any conveyancing solicitor that makes questionable decisions that will affect your transaction. If you feel that your conveyancer isn’t delivering the proper service that you deserve, it’s ideal to approach the matter and bring it to the attention of a higher authority.

7) A Negligent Matter Isn’t Approached Right

Mistakes and other negligent matters should be brought to the attention of a conveyancer’s director in order to resolve the issue. Their service should be able to work something out and ensure that there won’t be any further problems along the way.

If that doesn’t happen, escalate the matter further to the Legal Ombudsman after eight weeks of raising your initial case with a conveyancing service. This complaint that you’ll file under the Legal Ombudsman should have everything reconsidered and taken into account.

8) An Outburst Occurs During the Transaction

Things can get heated during a transaction, whether it’s between a seller and a conveyancer or a seller and a buyer. Emotions tend to rise as rationality is thrown out of the window, but it’s best to contain this and avoid outbursts as much as possible by keeping a level head.

However, if one ever does occur, it’s important to hit the reset button. Anger, shouting or anything of the sort wouldn’t solve anything, and it can cause further delay in the property transaction. Communicate promptly and clear up any misunderstandings should there be any.

9) A Set of Documents Are Missing

Paperwork is one of the most important elements in the conveyancing process. There can be hiccups throughout the transaction if there’s a set of documents missing or incomplete paperwork that’s yet to be fully filled out. Have it all sorted out to stay right on track.

Whether it’s the basic requirements or contracts that need to be signed, make sure that everything is complete and submitted. Allow your conveyancer to collate everything and notify you of any issues that you or a buyer may have to rectify to continue and close the deal.


Any issues that can arise during a conveyancing transaction can be initially stressful, but it’s best to focus on solving the problem. By doing away with whatever wrongs you face, the property sale and transfer should be made without a hitch or more.

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