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Moving house can be an exciting yet stressful experience. One of the most time-consuming aspects of the process is conveyancing, the legal transfer of property ownership.

But there are several strategies you can employ to expedite this process and move into your new home faster. In this section, we will discuss these strategies and provide you with expert tips on how to speed up conveyancing.

Understanding Conveyancing

Before delving into the ways to speed up conveyancing, it is important to have a basic understanding of the process. Conveyancing involves a series of legal steps that need to be completed to transfer the ownership of a property from the seller to the buyer.

These steps typically include conducting property searches, reviewing contracts, and coordinating with various parties involved, such as solicitors, mortgage lenders, and surveyors.

Typical Duration of the Process

The length of time from the exchange of property to completion can vary depending on a number of factors. Generally, it takes 6-12 weeks for the completion to take place.

During this time, both parties are required to fulfil their respective obligations, including arranging for the transfer of funds, preparing the necessary legal documents, and finalising any outstanding issues. Delays can arise if any issues arise during this process, such as problems with the mortgage or disputes over the property's condition.

It is essential to work closely with your solicitor or conveyancer to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that any possible issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

The Role of a Conveyancer

A conveyancer is a professional who specialises in property law and is responsible for ensuring that the legal process of transferring property ownership is completed smoothly and efficiently. They act as an intermediary between the buyer and seller, conducting searches on the property, preparing legal documents, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

They also liaise with banks, solicitors, and government agencies to ensure all aspects of the sale or purchase are in order.

Conveyancer vs Solicitor: A Comparison of the Two

The primary difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor is the scope of their work. A conveyancer specialises in property transactions, including buying and selling property, conveyancing, and property law.

They typically have more focused expertise in this area and may offer lower fees. On the other hand, a solicitor is a legal professional who can provide a broader range of legal services, including property law, family law, commercial law, and criminal law.

They are often more expensive than conveyancers but offer a more comprehensive service.

1. Find a Proactive and Efficient Conveyancer

When you're selecting a solicitor, it's crucial to prioritise proactivity. Your choice of solicitor can significantly affect how smoothly your conveyance process goes.

Though some elements are unpredictable, there are steps you can take to find the best solicitor:

  • Verify Their Qualifications: They should be part of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme and have a Lexcel accreditation.

  • Look At Their Reviews on Independent Websites Like Google and Trustpilot: Usually, reviews come from people who've had exceptionally good or bad experiences, so bear this in mind. Look for any consistent patterns that may be worrisome.

  • Observe Their Behaviour While You’re Gathering a Quote: If they are sluggish and disorderly during this period, it's likely a red flag.

  • Ask for Recommendations from Your Relatives and Friends: They are your most reliable source of information, and a strong recommendation from them can put you in a favourable position.

2. Communicate Clearly and Promptly

Effective communication is crucial in expediting the conveyancing process and should not be underestimated. Regular updates about your case from your solicitor are essential.

If you worry about being bothersome, arrange for scheduled updates, like a weekly 5-minute call. This will ensure your case remains a priority for your solicitor.

Once you're unhappy with the pace of your transaction, express your concerns promptly and frankly. Conveyancers are well-known for being overwhelmed, so your case's slow progress might not be intentional.

A gentle reminder can motivate your solicitor to hasten the process. If this doesn't work, locate the complaint policy on their website. Lodge a complaint and request that your case is transferred to a more responsive solicitor.

3. Gather and Organise All Necessary Documents

Before initiating the conveyancing process, it's essential to gather and organise all the necessary documents. This includes your identification documents, proof of address, mortgage offer, and property information forms.

By having these documents readily available and organised, you can save valuable time during the conveyancing process. Your conveyancer will need these documents to carry out various checks and complete the necessary paperwork promptly.

4. Respond Promptly to Queries and Requests

During the conveyancing process, there may be occasions when your conveyancer or the other party's solicitor requires additional information or clarification. Responding promptly to these queries and requests is crucial to avoid unnecessary delays.

Make it a priority to regularly check your emails and phone messages and provide the requested information as soon as possible. Being assertive and responsive helps to hasten the conveyancing process.

5. Conduct Property Searches Early On

Property searches are an essential part of conveyancing as they provide crucial information about the property and its surroundings. These searches include local authority searches, environmental searches, and drainage searches, among others.

So to speed up the conveyancing process, it is advisable to conduct these searches as early as possible. Doing so can identify and address any potential issues or concerns quickly, reducing the risk of delays later on.

When you instruct a conveyancer through Conveyancing Calculator, searches are ordered as soon as possible to help speed up the process for you.

6. Ensure Finances and Mortgages Are in Order

Obtaining a mortgage agreement in principle before starting the conveyancing process can help accelerate the process significantly. A mortgage agreement in principle is a conditional offer from a lender, confirming the maximum amount they are willing to lend you based on an initial assessment of your financial situation.

Having this agreement in place before making an offer on a property demonstrates your seriousness as a buyer and can fast-track the mortgage application process once your offer is accepted.

7. Take Advantage of Technology

In today's digital age, technology can significantly streamline the conveyancing process. Many conveyancers now offer online portals that allow you to follow the progress of your transaction, upload and sign documents electronically, and communicate with your conveyancer easily.

Embracing these technological advancements can help speed up the conveyancing process by eliminating the need for physical paperwork and reducing communication delays.


Relocating to a new home can be both thrilling and anxiety-inducing. However, following the expert tips above, you can speed up the conveyancing process and make your house move faster and smoother.

Remember to choose a proactive and efficient conveyancer, gather and organise all necessary documents, respond promptly to queries, conduct property searches early on, ensure your finances are in order, and embrace technology. By taking these steps, you'll be well on your way to a faster and more efficient conveyancing process, allowing you to settle into your new property without unnecessary delays.

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