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If you're a first-time buyer looking to purchase your first home, you may wonder if a Lifetime ISA (LISA) could be a good option. This sort of savings account, known as a LISA, provides a government bonus of up to £1,000 per year that can be used to pay for your first home.

If you're considering using a LISA to help you buy your first home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll need to ensure you're saving enough to reach the government's minimum deposit requirements. Second, you'll need to ensure that you're on track to complete the purchase within the LISA's timeframe, typically within four years.

If you're unsure if a LISA is right for you, check for conveyancing quotes to get more information.

A Lifetime ISA: What Is It?

A tax-free savings or investment account called the lifetime Isa (LISA) is available to those between 18 and 39. Savings are intended to be used as a down payment for a property or retirement.

The government implemented the Lifetime ISA in 2017. Your annual contributions will increase by 25 per cent as a "bonus" after you reach £4,000 in donations. This indicates that you might qualify for a free bonus of up to £1,000 yearly.

To open a Lifetime ISA, the following people are eligible:

  • A British citizen (or a service person stationed abroad, their spouse, or their civil partner); Account holders may contribute annually up until age 50; at that point, no more payments may be made, but the account may still be kept open.

  • You can create as many Lifetime ISAs as you'd like, but you can only create and fund one of them in a given tax year.

  • Your lifetime ISA contribution counts toward your overall ISA limit, which is the total amount you are permitted to contribute to all your ISAs in a particular tax year. The £4,000 lifetime ISA cap increases your yearly ISA cap. The amount is £20,000 for the tax year 2022–2023.

You can also use a comparison tool that provides you with a comparison of conveyance quotes.

Utilising a Lifetime ISA to Purchase a First Home

After your account has been active for at least a year, you can withdraw up to £450,000 for a property purchase.

The house you're buying needs to meet the requirements: It must be in the UK, be where you want to live, be your primary residence (not a buy-to-let), and be purchased with a mortgage.

If the requirements above are satisfied, your withdrawal will be free of charge.

You will receive help from your conveyancer to complete your completed ISA form. You can withdraw funds from your Lifetime ISA to pay for your house using these papers. Your money will normally be transferred within 30 days of the paperwork being finished and received by your ISA provider.

If you hire conveyancing solicitors, you can be certain to get the best price and straightforward, speedy service for a quicker transfer.

Making a Home Purchase with Your Lifetime ISA

You can spend the money from your Lifetime ISA at any point during the purchasing process. In this situation, the transaction must be finished within 90 days of your house conveyancing solicitor receiving the funds. The funds might be used to cover the housing deposit.

If it takes your conveyancer longer than 90 days to finalise your property purchase, they may write to HMRC and request an extension.

Both of you may use your ISA and bonus if you are a first-time buyer buying a home with someone with a Lifetime ISA. You may still use YOUR Lifetime ISA but not THEIRS if the other party is NOT a first-time buyer.

Lifetime ISAs can also be used to buy joint-ownership homes. The property must still be under £450,000 in total cost.

Should I Open A Lifetime ISA Before Buying A House?

No. If you don't intend to utilise the funds for your first property purchase, you may withdraw money from your Lifetime ISA without incurring fees.

Suppose you have terminal sickness or you are over the age of 60, then a significant 25 per cent fee will be added to your withdrawal in any other circumstances.

Lifetime ISAs vs. Help To Buy ISAs

Both Lifetime ISAs and Help to Buy ISAs give government top-up bonuses of 25 per cent on particular restrictions, making them comparable because both are designed to help first-time homebuyers.

However, Help to Buy ISA applications are no longer being accepted. Existing Help to Buy ISA account holders are permitted to keep funds in their accounts until November 2029 and to continue receiving bonuses for an additional year.

Lifetime ISAs and Help to Buy ISAs also differ in the following ways:

  • Savings Limits: With a Lifetime ISA, you can save up to £4,000 a year. A Help to Buy ISA can hold up to £2,400 in annual savings.

  • Payment Schedule: The top-up bonus for a Lifetime ISA is given out monthly. Your bonus from a Help to Buy ISA may only be withdrawn during the time frame between the exchange of contracts and completion. It cannot be used at the exchange but may be used for your overall balance or the down payment for a home.

  • Fees for Withdrawals: Withdrawals from a lifetime ISA that are made before the age of 60 are subject to a 25% fee, except withdrawals for the first home purchase or the treatment of a terminal illness. There are no additional withdrawal costs with a Help to Buy ISA. Bonuses are only given to first-time home buyers.

  • Property Purchase Cost: No matter where the property is purchased in the UK, the maximum property price with a Lifetime ISA is £450,000. Using a Help to Buy ISA, you can only spend up to £250,000 ($450,000 in London).

You may convert your Help to Buy ISA into a Lifetime ISA, but the funds will count toward your annual Lifetime ISA maximum.


Find conveyancing solicitors in London to assist you in making more informed and intelligent decisions. A lifetime ISA can be a great option when saving for a down payment, especially if you're a first-time buyer. The government will match your annual savings up to £4,000, which over time, can add up.

There are, however, some considerations. Only a home deposit can be used to access the funds, and you must wait until you are 60 years old to do so fee-free.

If you're considering using a Lifetime ISA to buy a home, research to see if it's the right choice for you.

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