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Property transactions can be complicated, often involving a wide range of legal issues that, if not managed correctly, may result in delays, added costs, or even the collapse of a deal. To help guide you through the conveyancing process and avoid potential legal pitfalls, it's crucial to be aware of the most common issues that can arise during a property transaction.

In this article, we explore some of the key legal challenges in conveyancing, from boundary disputes to property fraud, and offer expert advice on how to prevent or navigate these issues effectively. By gaining a better understanding of the legal landscape and enlisting the support of a regulated conveyancer, such as an SRA property solicitor or CLC licensed conveyancer, you can greatly increase your chances of a successful and stress-free property journey.

1. Boundary Disputes and Incorrect Property Descriptions

One of the most common legal issues in conveyancing involves disputes over property boundaries or inaccuracies in the property's description. These problems can cause delays and may lead to disputes between neighbours or other parties. To avoid such issues, it is essential to:

- Carefully review the property's title plan and Land Registry documents to ensure accurate boundary identification and descriptions

- Consider instructing a specialist surveyor to confirm the boundaries and any potential encroachments or discrepancies

- Obtain professional advice from your conveyancer to resolve any existing boundary disputes or inaccuracies before completing the transaction

By taking these steps, you can minimise the risk of encountering boundary-related issues and safeguard your property investment.

2. Easements and Restrictive Covenants

Easements and restrictive covenants are legal rights or restrictions attached to properties, which may impact your use or enjoyment of the property. Common issues with easements include shared driveways, rights of way, and access to utilities, while restrictive covenants may govern issues such as building restrictions or limits on permitted use. To avoid potential legal problems related to these issues, it is crucial to:

- Ensure your conveyancer conducts a thorough examination of the property's title documents and identifies all relevant easements and covenants

- Obtain professional advice on the practical implications of any identified easements or covenants for your intended use of the property

- Negotiate modifications or seek indemnity insurance where necessary to mitigate any adverse effects of easements or covenants on your property ownership

Addressing easements and restrictive covenants early in the conveyancing process can help prevent future disputes and potential legal challenges.

3. Property Fraud and Identity Theft

Property fraud and identity theft are increasingly common issues in conveyancing, with criminals attempting to sell properties they do not own or impersonate other parties in the transaction. To protect yourself from such risks, it is essential to:

- Verify the identity of property sellers and other parties involved in the transaction through rigorous identity checks

- Ensure your conveyancer is vigilant in scrutinising documents and alert for any signs of irregularities or inconsistencies

- Take appropriate steps to protect your personal information and secure your online communications throughout the transaction process

- Report any suspicious activity to your conveyancer and the relevant authorities immediately

By adopting a proactive approach to fraud prevention, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of falling victim to property fraud or identity theft.

4. Leasehold and Freehold Property Complexities

Leasehold and freehold properties each come with their own unique legal complexities that can cause issues in the conveyancing process. For instance, leasehold properties often have additional covenants, service charges, and ground rent obligations. When purchasing a leasehold property, it is crucial to:

- Seek advice from your conveyancer on the lease terms, including any restrictions or obligations that may impact your property ownership

- Ensure there is sufficient lease length remaining to secure your investment and avoid future legal complications

- Verify the legitimacy and financial stability of the freeholder or management company responsible for overseeing the lease

Similarly, freehold properties can come with restrictive covenants and unregistered land complications, making it essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence specific to the property type.

5. Environment and Planning Issues

Environmental problems, such as contamination, flooding, or subsidence, can cause significant legal issues and financial burdens for property owners. Additionally, planning permission disputes or breaches of planning regulations may result in legal challenges or even enforcement action. To avoid these issues, it is important to:

- Obtain an environmental search report as part of your conveyancing process to gain insight into historical land use, flooding, and contamination risks

- Verify that any property alterations or extensions have the necessary planning permissions and building control approvals

- Ensure your conveyancer investigates any potential issues and recommends further specialist investigations or surveys if needed

By taking a proactive approach to environmental and planning matters, you can identify potential problems early and take appropriate action to protect your property investment.

Navigating Conveyancing Legal Issues with Confidence

Understanding and addressing the common legal issues in conveyancing is crucial for securing a successful property transaction, whether you are buying, selling, or remortgaging. By staying informed about potential pitfalls such as boundary disputes, restrictive covenants, property fraud, and environmental concerns, you can significantly reduce the risk of delays and complications in the conveyancing process. Partnering with a trusted and experienced conveyancer, such as an SRA property solicitor or CLC-licensed conveyancer, further ensures that you have the expert guidance necessary to navigate these complexities with confidence.

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