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As people begin buying a home, they must pay various consultants, lawyers, conveyancing solicitors, and lenders. Knowing that you will have to pay them (along with other costs) will help you financially plan your way.

Could You Skip Working With Conveyancing Solicitors?

You can't skip this part if you’re buying with a mortgage. You'll need to use a solicitor. Most conveyancing solicitors on the seller’s side will still want to hire one if you're buying with cash. This is ultimately a good idea, as solicitors offer valuable legal and technical expertise that you’ll probably need.

Solicitors help prepare the contracts that formally transfer ownership from the seller to you. Then, they consult with the Land Registry and local authorities to ensure everything is in order.

They also check that the proper building regulation certificates are all squared away. And—maybe most importantly—they ensure that when you pay some of the more significant funds, like your deposit, your hard-earned pennies go to the correct bank account.

Here’s what you should look for in conveyancing solicitors:

  • They must have a simple online conveyancing and remortgaging quote form that provides home sellers and buyers with instant prices for their properties.

  • With this qualified, honest, and transparent conveyancing fees calculator in the UK, you will get estimates from licensed property lawyers who specialise in residential property sales and remortgaging.

The Differences between a Solicitor and Conveyancer

At times, you’ll hear both terms bandied about. While there are minor differences when comparing these two property professionals, your and others' experience might conclude that their roles and tasks are the same.

Here’s a brief look at the technical descriptions:

A conveyancing solicitor prioritises conveyancing and can help you buy or sell a property. These experts may also have training in other related areas of the law.

On the other hand, much like a conveyancing solicitor, a licensed conveyancer has the relevant knowledge to help with the buying and selling process. They’re property law experts who are in a better position to tell you whether or not to proceed with a sale or purchase than a solicitor who’s less familiar with the laws related to property transactions and homes.

Always ask conveyancing solicitors if they’ll give you an estimate of their fees before you hire them. This will help you prepare for the costs.

Paying Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyance solicitors will probably ask you for an advance (usually a few thousand pounds depending on your home) before working with you. This will be sent to you as an invoice when the work is done.

These fees depend on your unique circumstances, including your home value and whether it’s a freehold or leasehold. Some of them are paid to third-party organisations and overseen by your solicitor.

Total fees can add up to around £5,000 or more and depend on your home's value. There are also a few other expenses that you will end up paying. These are covered by the lawyers but not included here.

Before moving forward, know that the following fees are related to conveyancing solicitors only. These do not include other costs.

Legal Costs

These are the fees that your solicitor charges directly to you to cover their work. Most of your conveyancing solicitor's services are considered fees, including some forms and contracts and registration fees.

In England and Wales, some lenders will cover these fees themselves if you go with their chosen solicitors. If they help you find a mortgage, they might also include this information in their mortgage calculator.

The Stamp Duty

This is an essential point for your solicitor in terms of conveyancing. Stamp duty is tax compliance that all homebuyers must remit to the Government whenever they purchase a property. Conveyancing solicitors are there to do this in their customers' stead.

The cost for stamp duty depends entirely on how much your property costs. This is especially true if you don’t pay stamp duty your house costs less than £125,000) and you’re a first-time homebuyer.

  • If your property costs between £125,000 and £250,000, there is no need to pay stamp duty on the first £125,000.

  • However, if your property is worth less than £300,000 and is your first home, there is no need to pay stamp duty at all!

Disbursements You’ll Be Dealing With

Each time conveyancing solicitors spend money on your behalf, you'll have to pay for the cost of the service. The exact price will depend on the solicitor, but you might have to pay over £100 for any one of these services. These are just some examples:

  • Anti-money laundering checks: These checks are required by law to verify your identity. You might have to pay a fee between £6 and £20.

  • Bankruptcy search: When your lender gives you money, they'll want to confirm that you haven't declared bankruptcy. This costs £2 per person.

  • Electronic transfer fee: Your solicitor will pay this charge every time they transfer money between themselves and a third party, such as when they move the mortgage funds from the lender to their office. It usually costs between £20 and £30.

  • Help to Buy supplement: Conveyancing solicitors might add an extra fee for the additional work involved, but only if you buy your home as part of the Help to Buy scheme. Help to Buy supplement costs range between £200 and £300.

  • Home report: Also known as the local authority search, this report includes a variety of searches that your solicitor will perform as part of the property purchase process, including local authority searches and water and drainage searches. It costs between £100 and £200, depending on your local authority.

  • Land Registry fee: This fee is for registering your property with the Land Registry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It costs between £20 and £1,105 depending on the property's value. If your property will be added to the Land Register of Scotland in Scotland, and costs start at £45.

  • Lifetime or Help-to-Buy ISA: Again, using a lifetime or Help-to-Buy ISA will involve more work for conveyancing solicitors. This fee is capped at £50, excluding VAT.

Post-Sale Concerns

This one might not sit well with you. Yes, some post-sale costs are non-refundable, and you’ll have to pay them even when the sale of your property falls through. The fees you have to pay (and how much) will depend on how far along you are in the process of selling.

This process can get quite tricky, and—even if you crunch all the numbers—you might end up with a steeper fee than you originally planned. If you’re worried about these costs, chat to your solicitor upfront about any risks you are concerned about.


Conveyancing solicitors help homebuyers such as yourself prepare for all legal aspects so your move can be as smooth as possible. As mentioned above, look for transparent solicitors who can estimate their costs so you spend no less than what your budget allows you to!

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