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If you are remortgaging your home or buying a new property with Northern Rock (NRAM), you will need to make sure that you are using a solicitor or licensed conveyancer that is approved and is authorised and part of the Northern Rock (NRAM) legal panel.

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You can get an instant online quote from a legal property professional that is a member of the Northern Rock (NRAM) conveyancing legal panel.

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Using our conveyancing quote calculator, you can get an instant online price, direct from a conveyancing solicitor that is approved by Northern Rock (NRAM) and on the Northern Rock (NRAM) lender panel list.

Simply enter a few details into our fees calculator, and receive conveyancing quotes that you can compare, save time and save money choosing the best conveyancing solicitor quote for YOU.

Some commonly asked and frequently asked questions when looking for information about Northern Rock (NRAM) solicitors, conveyancers and their mortgage lender legal panel

  • Where can I find a solicitor or licensed conveyancer that is a member of the Northern Rock (NRAM) legal panel?
  • I need to find out which solicitors or licensed conveyancers are on the Northern Rock (NRAM) lender panel list
  • Conveyancing quotes from Northern Rock (NRAM) approved legal panel solicitors
  • Compare conveyancing fees from Northern Rock (NRAM) approved mortgage panel solicitors
  • I am remortgaging my property with Northern Rock (NRAM) and need a best priced conveyancing property solicitor
  • I have a mortgage in principle with Northern Rock (NRAM) and I now need a property solicitor to help me with my purchase
  • I have a first time buyer mortgage with Northern Rock (NRAM) and now need to find a solicitor or licensed conveyancer that is approved and part of the Northern Rock (NRAM) lender / legal panel
  • Do I have to use a Northern Rock (NRAM) legal panel solicitor? How can I find a Northern Rock (NRAM) property conveyancing solicitor?

Conveyancing Calculator is NOT Northern Rock (NRAM) and we do not have any connection or affiliation to the Northern Rock (NRAM) lender panel

Please note: Conveyancing Calculator is not Northern Rock (NRAM). We are not affiliated to, connected to and do not manage the Northern Rock (NRAM) Conveyancing Panel. We are an online website and service that allows people that are buying, selling or remortgaging their home with Northern Rock (NRAM), to find a solicitor or licensed conveyancer, that can help them with this process.

We allow YOU to compare conveyancing quotes from Northern Rock (NRAM) property solicitors and licensed conveyancers.

Property Solicitors & Licensed Conveyancers looking to join the Northern Rock (NRAM) Panel

Any property solicitor that is looking to obtain information and acceptance criteria to the Northern Rock (NRAM) conveyancing panel, should contact Northern Rock (NRAM) directly. Conveyancing Calculator, was setup to allow consumers to compare and calculate conveyancing fees and Northern Rock (NRAM) solicitor conveyancing costs.


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